What we do

We aim to shine a light on Palestine – its people, history, culture and society – through showing compelling and thought-provoking films that are not readily available to general audiences in and around Leeds.

We show films that

  • delve beneath one-dimensional views of Palestinian people and politics
  • include documentaries and feature films, rare works and art pieces
  • are serious and light-hearted, painful and joyful
  • are made by Palestinians and filmmakers internationally, established and emerging
  • have both popular and specialist appeal

Since the Festival launched in 2015, about 2,100 people have attended our screenings, with audience numbers rising over the years.  In March 2017 we added two special showings to celebrate International Women’s Day and in 2018 we worked with Northern Women for Palestine to produce an event about the continuing Nakba.

Many screenings are enhanced with

  • guest film-makers and commentators
  • stalls selling Palestinian produce
  • food and refreshments
  • information about ways of supporting the Palestinian people

Where possible our films are ‘pay as you feel’ and we provide full information on disabled access.



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