Scalarama: ‘The Wanted 18’

As part of the Leeds Scalamara 2018 programme, we have organised a Film and Food Fundraiser event on 30 September, 15:00-18:00 at Woodhouse Community Centre, Leeds.

We need to raise funds for this year’s Leeds Palestinian Film Festival in order to pay for some great films and travel expenses for speakers. Please come and support us! We’ll serve tempting Middle Eastern food and show one of our favourite Palestinian films, ‘The Wanted 18’.

This winning mix of documentary and clay-animation offers an unexpectedly humorous account of a West Bank town’s experience of the first Intifada, a subject that doesn’t usually generate a lot of laughs in cinema. It recounts the true story of how the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Sahour near Bethlehem acquired a herd of 18 dairy cows and then had to hide them from the Israeli security forces when their existence was absurdly deemed a threat to national security.

Tickets are available through Eventbrite here.

Dir.  Paul Cowan, Amer Shomali, 2014, 75 mins, Canada/Palestine/France

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